Experimenting with GoPro and 360 on a budget

This is a set of 6 photos taken with the GoPro Session4 camera stitched together using Hugin. The white slice near the bottom is puzzling- perhaps I didn't get enough overlap? Perhaps Hugin didn't stitch properly? You can see the slice in the image below.

Not perfect, but not terrible. The photos were taken quickly and with just a bit of attention to detail. With more care and/or some extras (or a wider fisheye), the clarity and stitching accuracy would be increased (more overlap provides more points to correlate in Hugin). The stitching process was time-consuming and annoying- more photos would have been worse. At the library we also use a 360fly single-lens camera that requires no stitching and is far easier to use, but much worse quality (stitches aside). Overall, either is an acceptable image given the pricepoint for higher-quality cameras.

The raw image:

Regular view of the equirectangular image shown in the Google VR Viewer above of Library Room 307.